Teaching In Sejong

Training Programme

Principal-Mentor: Ryan Kwak Seong Hoon

Duration: Between 5 – 10 weeks



1. CONTENT: Provide our teaching associates with technical knowledge on Korean Language’s formal grammar from Beginners to Intermediate level, and familiarize them with the academic jargon used in Korean Language education.

2. DELIVERY: Ensures that our native Korean candidates are able to explain technical Korean Language concepts to non-native learners in English, and in a way that is easily comprehensible, engaging and efficient.

3. SKILLS: Equip and fine tune teaching soft skills that are crucial for excellent lesson delivery and relating to students.


Proposed training schedule:

Week 1: Beginners 1 (9 Chapters)

Week 2: Beginners 2 (9 Chapters)

Week 3: Intermediate 1 (6 Chapters)

Week 4: Intermediate 2 (6 Chapters)

Week 5: Intermediate 3 (6 Chapters)

*Additional week(s) may be added if the trainee teacher is unable to complete the training syllabus and requirements within the proposed time frame. 


Training components:

  • Coverage and familiarisation with the school syllabus

  • Mock teaching exercises in class reflective syllabus delivery and soft skills tuning

  • Mock lesson planning and board arrangement exercises

  • Experiential learning sessions for exposure to real classroom settings and students’ actual learning processes

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