Employment Terms & Benefits

Sejong takes pride in offering generous and competitive employment packages, terms and benefits. We believe that an attractive package is key in our commitment to recruit and retain quality teachers. Our HR arm conducts an annual review by pitting what we have on offer against the employment terms and benefits being offered by large Korean companies and the big language academies in Korea. We also conduct annual HR reviews where a representative from our HR department or administrative department has one-to-one chats with all staff members to keep tabs on their general welfare, quality of work-life, and ask for feedback on what innovations and improvements we can consider moving forward. We aim toward an inclusivistic approach to work environment creation and maintenance, and welcome feedback from all team members on ways we can continue to make Sejong a better place to be. A Summary of our Package (last reviewed March 2016):


STARTING SALARY: Minimum $3,000.00/month for Full Time Staff

  • 연봉: 28,800,000 ~ 32,400,000 원*

*Approximate annual salary figures derived from SGD 36,000,000 (SGD 3,000.00 X 12 months) and converted to Korean won is subject to currency fluctuations.


EMPLOYMENT TERM: Permanent Period & Full-Time Positions

  • Permanent employment period, no contract-based positions offered, to provide greater security for teaching staff

  • Full-time positions offered in accordance to Singapore government’s guideline of a 44 hour work week (5.5 day work week)


  • CPF contributions for Singaporeans and PRs only

  • Unlike most comparable academies in Korea, we do not have additional deductions for medical insurance / social security tax / income tax / residence tax

  • Your income tax is payable by yourself annually, you may apply for deductions against your income tax according to what is relevant to you


VISAs: WP/SP/EP VISAs, LOC Support for DP Holders

  • We will complete all application procedures and payments on teacher’s behalf

  • We provide Letter of Consent application support for Dependent’s Pass holders

  • We provide employment verification and testimonial support for those applying for Singapore PR and Citizenship sponsorships cover both training period and after


ACCOMMODATION: Subsidy / Sponsorship available for our VISA Holders

  • Accommodation arrangements made for you pre-arrival Singapore

  • Rental deposit provided by us

  • HR manager to assist in accommodation sourcing and arrangement

  • Legal assistance provided in dealing with landlords and agents

  • Sponsored housing comes with all utilities / WIFI / aircon included

  • Sponsored housing sourced is single room in private apartment in Singapore with security and condominium facilities which may include swimming pool or gymnasium

  • Diplomatic aid in settling disputes with landlords

  • Relocation assistance in the event of terminations

  • Subsidies and sponsorships cover both training period and after

FLIGHTS: Interview Flight & Arrival Flight Reimburseable up to specified amounts

  • According to market research, the specified amounts should be able to fully cover direct flights on a reputable airline


LEAVE: 14 Days Annually for Full Time Staff

  • Able to carry 50% unused leave over to next calendar year

  • May have additional holiday in December if the school announces annual school break period

  • Full compliance to government recommendations for maternity / paternity / childcare / sick leave

  • Additional provision of Family Support Scheme leave allowances for staff

HEALTHCARE: Medical Insurance including Life insurance, Hospitalisation Insurance fully covered for Full Time Staff

  • Comprehensive Medical and Life Insurance Schemes provided

  • Additional outpatient subsidy provided annually

  • Fully paid for by the school, no contributions required by staff


WORK-LIFE BALANCE: Flexible Work Scheme provided for teachers on approval

  • Able to work-from-home for duties that do not require physical presence

  • We put a cap on the number of in-classroom teaching hours/week our teachers take to ensures staff welfare and prevent exhaustion

  • To fulfill the remaining hours for a full time position teachers usually engage in non in- classroom teaching related duties such as marking student’s work, completing the projects within the teaching faculty, preparing for lessons, etc.


  • Teaching-related duties, projects within the academic faculty & ad hoc company rotational duties such as organising of company events

  • Teachers do not have to straddle other job scopes such as student affairs, or administrative tasks such as speaking to parents / student counseling / maintaining centre resources and files / answering phone calls etc.

  • Able to concentrate on delivering their specific job scope as outlined in the teaching manual


  • New teachers are provided with a comprehensive training to fully equip them for taking classes

  • Training programme of 5 to 10 weeks

  • Training allowance and training accommodation provided for the duration of the training period

  • Assignment of a mentor from one of the senior members of the teaching faculty to help guide new teachers


  • Life Insurance Coverage

  • Medical Insurance Coverage (hospitalisation)

  • Outpatient Medical Coverage

  • Annual Leave

  • Workman Compensation Coverage

  • Medical Leave

  • Eligibility for Flexible Work Scheme

  • Maternity/Paternity Leave

  • Childcare Leave

  • Family Care Leave and Family Support Scheme

  • Long Service Awards

  • Performance Bonuses

  • Annual Salary Review for Potential Salary Increment

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