About Sejong Korean Language School

Our School

Sejong Korean Language School (SKLS) was founded by Principal Ryan Kwak Seong Hoon in 2012 , a native Korean who has lived in Singapore for many years. Starting out as a small Korean language school, SKLS has grown into the largest private Korean language school in Singapore with clients from many prestigious government organisations and companies such as banks, law firms, media companies, airlines, or Korean companies with Singapore offices looking to train their Singaporean staff to be proficient in Korean language and culture.


As an MOE registered school, SKLS offers students a systematic, stuctured and engaging programme specifically suited for English speaking learners approaching Korean language for the first time. 


SKLS differentiates itself with a well-structured professional delivery of classes using custom-made specialist syllabus. Tailored textbooks made for simple and easy comprehension that focuses on speaking, reading and writing are used for Beginners to Intermediate levels. For Pre-Advance level and onwards, Sejong refers to Seoul National University Korean Language for Foreigners textbooks 3B to 5B.


The success of our Programme is evidenced by SKLS students consistently achieving targeted proficiency levels in less than half the recommended language exposure hours for the same level of proficiency at international examinations such as TOPIK.  

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