About Sejong Korean Language School

Teaching Philosophy

Teachers at SKLS are all native Koreans who are able to speak excellent English. All teachers are trained in-house from scratch on how to effectively explain Korean grammatical concepts to non-native speakers while still keeping things fun and interesting in the classroom. 


Sejong is proud to be only Korean language school in Singapore that seriously invests in scouting and recruiting Korean language teaching talents globally and actively engages in overseas recruitment exercises. We take hiring the right people extremely seriously, and are constantly on the look out for candidates that are able to embody our teaching philosophy and fit into our company culture. 

At Sejong, we create an immersive learning environment for our students. Students are placed in a highly engaging and interactive learning environment through rich content-based learning at the same time helping them define their technical, creative and analytical skills. Not only does the immersive learning environment benefit students, teachers are offered the same learning opportunities such as development of content knowledge, behavioural skills, creativity, higher-order thinking and persistence, characteristics of a valuable teacher. Teachers educate students in the nuances of different cultures apart from their own. Teachers at Sejong provides students will the proper support care students require and also inspire them to excel in their learning journey to master Korean language.

Other than an immersive learning environment, Sejong also creates a comprehensive learning environment for students. Sejong's curriculum system allows students to understand and comprehend fully what they are being taught. Sejong’s curriculum is one of the most efficient Korean language educational programmes in the market. In terms of achieving certain proficiency benchmarks given equal number of classroom contact hours and exposure to the language, the average Sejong student masters the syllabus with a good comprehension of the academic aspects and good delivery of the conversational aspects much faster than most other Korean language education programmes available. Like our motto: Absolute quality delivery in teaching and service, teachers at Sejong assures students with efficient and comprehensive delivery of content.


Sejong's Core Values:

•   Professionalism

•   Humbleness

•   Willingness to learn

•   Open-mindedness

•   Passion for Teaching

•   Responsibility

•   Sincerity

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