Teaching In Sejong

Job Scope

A common concern amongst private school teachers is that much of their time is spent on administrative duties instead of teaching. This promotes fatigue and hinders their ability to fully enjoy their work. At Sejong, we ensure that our teachers' main responsibilities are teaching or academic in nature and that administrative duties are delegated to an appropriate person-in-charge in the administrative team. A well-organised delineation of work not only increases the efficiency and productivity in school operations, but also allows our team members to focus on their talents, get a good understanding and sense of responsibility for the areas that are relevant to them, and promotes a more enjoyable work environment. 


A teacher’s job scope includes but is not limited to:

  • Teaching assigned classes

  • Marking student’s spelling, homework and test papers

  • Creation of materials

  • Lesson planning

  • Attending teacher’s meetings

  • Participating in assigned projects within the academic faculty

  • Senior and Junior teachers may also be asked to help in any on-going mentorship or training programmes for teaching associates

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