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Staff Welfare & Team Building Events

Staff Welfare

In terms of staff welfare, we take the promotion of work-life balance amongst our team as extremely important. To this end, Sejong advances flexibility and transparency when it comes to work hour commitments. 

1. Flexi Work Scheme

Full time staff are committed to a 5.5 day work week, or approximately 44 hours per week as per the Ministry of Manpower’s full time employee guideline. However, Sejong offers a flexible work arrangement for our Teachers, where they are able to spend majority of their non-teaching hours working from home or out of office. 


2. Teaching Hour Cap

Regarding their teaching hours, we also put a cap to the maximum number of in-classroom teaching hours per week, so as not to override our Teachers and to promote work-life balance and sustainability within the full time work scheme.

Team Building Events

Sejong teachers take turns organising our half-yearly team building events. Some examples that we have conducted in the past are:

  • Running Man @ Sentosa 

  • Paintball 

  • Art Jamming 

  • Escape Room

  • Baking Class


Other events include:

  • Family Day: We invited staff families for a fun day together so that we could all get to know each other’s families and friends and spend quality time together outside of work.

  • Year End Dinner: We celebrate the end of a productive year of hard work and effort by having a nice dinner together at the end of the year.

  • Social Initiatives: We engage in voluntary or charity work together as a company in an effort to give back to the community. 


Teachers may be recruited to the organising commitees of the events to help plan, organise or participate.

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