Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Teaching

1. How many class hours do I have to teach per day?

  • Your teaching hours will be capped at 5 hours per day.

2. How long is each class?

  • Regular or express group classes are 1.5 hours long while private lessons or corporate classes are 1.5 hours or 2 hours long. Intensive group classes are 3 hours long.

3. What is the student demographics in Sejong?


  • Most of our students are young, working adults who seek to learn Korean language for employment opportunities in Korea, self-development related reasons or as a means of pursuing their personal interests.

4. How many students are there per class?

  • There are an average of 12 to 20 students for beginners classes, 10 to 15 students for intermediate classes and 6 to 10 students for pre-advanced and advanced classes

5. I don't have any teaching experience / certificate to teach Korean language to foreigners. Am I still eligible to teach in Sejong?

  • Yes, definitely! Our school will apply for "Permission to teach" license for all candidates who are offered a position. Also, we provide in-house training headed by the Principal-mentor so that you will be well-prepared before you start teaching your very first class.

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