• Graduates from reputable Korean Universities who are fluent in English and are able to conduct Korean Language Classes in English to English-speakers

  • Graduates from Non-Korean Universities who completed their University Major/Minor in Korean Language

  • Persons with a positive attitude who will be able to deliver lessons in a confident effective manner

  • Persons comfortable with migrating to work in Singapore.

  • Applicants do not require '한국어교원자격증 (Certificate to teach Korean language)'

  • Applicants do not require prior Korean language teaching experience (training will be provided in our school)

  • We will apply for permission to teaching license for all candidates who are offered a position

  • University final year students may apply


Ideal SKLS candidate

  • Is energetic and hardworking

  • Has a fantastic work attitude

  • Is responsible and sincere

  • Believes that teachers should continually learn

  • Has a passion for teaching

  • Has a high level of English language proficiency

  • Is able to think about their native language from a foreigner’s perspective

  • Is respectful and polite

  • & Is willing to adapt and assimilate into Singapore’s work culture and environment

Sejong strives to hire the best candidates for placement into our school’s teachers’ training programme, where they can learn everything there is to know about teaching Korean Language to foreigners.

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