Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Applying

1. When can I start applying for a teaching position in Sejong? 

  • You may start applying via email when there is an announcement for an opening position at the bottom of our Homepage (Click here).

2. What documents am I required to submit?

  • You are required to submit your resume and cover letter to our email ( You may also include a copy of your Degree Certificate, University Transcripts, Korean Language Certifications, or Referral Letter, if any.

3. What are the qualifications required for a teaching position in Sejong?

  • To qualify for a teaching position in Sejong, you are required to produce a University degree of Bachelor and above in any major from reputable Korean Universities, University degree of Bachelor and above in Korean language major from Foreign Universities and good English language proficiency.

4. What is the hiring process like?

  • The hiring process consists of four main parts. Paper Round (1 ~ 2 Weeks)Mock Teaching Video Round (3 ~ 5 Working Days), Cyber Interview Round (2 ~ 3 Working Days) and Final Interview in Singapore.

5. Do you accept part time teachers?

  • Currently we are only accepting full time teachers.

6. What type of VISA will I be receiving?

  • Our school offers either WP/SP/EP VISAs for our teachers.

7. Do I have to apply for VISA / accommodation myself?

  • No, our school will assist you in completing all application procedures for VISAs and accommodation. Accommodation arrangements will be pre-arranged for you before your arrival in Singapore.

8. Is accommodation provided?

  • Yes, accommodation will be sponsored by the school for teachers who are VISA holders including the training period.

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