Application Process

Shortlisting Round 1: Paper Round

Applicants may submit their Cover Letters, Resume, Graduation/Expected Graduation Certificate (English), University Transcripts (English) and reference letters or testimonials (if any) to Applicants who have passed the first round will be notified via email and invited to our second round of shortlisting.

Estimated turnover time: 1 – 2 weeks

Shortlisting Round 2: Mock Teaching Video

Shortlisted applicants from round 1 are invited to record and send a video of them teaching a Beginners Korean Lesson. Instructions and requirements on how to record the video will be provided to those being invited to round 2. The objective of this round of shortlisting is to showcase applicants’ confidence in teaching, proficiency in teaching in English and general teaching style. Applicants who have passed the second round will be notified via email and invited to our third round of shortlisting.

Estimated turnover time: 3 – 5 working days


Shortlisting Round 3: Cyber Interview

Applicants who have passed round 2 will be notified via email and be invited to a cyber interview session with an SKLS manager. The objective of this round is to get to know the applicant better and find out if the applicant would make a good teacher and a strong candidate for overseas recruitment. More importantly, our manager will also assess whether the applicant would be a good fit for team Sejong. Applicants who have passed the third round will be notified via email and provided with a Conditional Offer of Employment, pending a Final Interview in Singapore.

Estimated turnover time: 1 – 3 working days


Final Interview in Singapore

Applicants that pass Round 3 would be offered a Conditional Offer of Employment (COE) pending a 2-day Final Interview in Singapore. In most cases, candidates invited to Singapore are applicants that we are already the most interested in hiring. The Conditional Offer of Employment (COE) offered to them would already state the proposed starting salary and employment terms should they pass the Final Interview and are confirmed with an unconditional Offer of Employment (OE) after the Final Interview. The Final Interview is simply a confirmatory stage to ensure that what was presented in the cyber rounds are consistent with what we can expect in reality, and to give both parties the opportunity to meet each other and answer any uncertainties that is likely to surround the big decision of an overseas recruitment. Details on the Final Interview will be sent to the relevant candidates only.​

Estimated turnover time: 2 – 3 working days

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