Teaching In Sejong

Hear From Our Teachers

Ms. Becky Lee Yeongbok

"I was concerned about teaching Korean when I came to Singapore since I had not taught Korean before. But thanks to Sejong's training program for teachers, I was able to learn the school curriculum and teaching skills. Singapore is the country where different race, languages and cultures are well harmonised. If you are open-minded and passionate in teaching Korean, please come and join us!"

Ms. Ashley Shin Hye Sun

"There is no racism in Singapore since it is located within Asia and shares similar cultures. As for the food, it suits for the most of Koreans' taste well and also Korean food is easily found in Singapore hence it is much easier to settle down in Singapore than any other countries. The advantages working in Singapore are that you can share the different aspects with various kinds of people in an open work environment."​

Mr. Kwak Kyung Hoon

"Afraid of the cold weather? Fret not with summer all year round in Singapore. Living in a multi racial society, I am able to experience different cultures and food and meet different people everyday. Getting around is convenient too (good transportation system and Singapore being a small country). Sejong Korean Language School provides a lot of benefits for staff members and takes good care. With trainings and practices, teachers are groomed to bring their A game into class. Personally, I've worked here for years and I am constantly learning how to communicate with different students, making my everyday working life fun and interesting."​

Ms. Lee Yu Ri

"It was a great time staying in Singapore. Hot and rainy weather took getting used to but kind Singaporeans and my lovely students at work made me happy instead. I remember that on the first day of work at Sejong Korean Language School, everyone welcomed me and threw a small birthday party for me. It was very warm-hearted and I

was deeply moved by this moment. My life in Singapore was fantastic and will be unforgettable, forever."​

Ms. Yoon Ha Na

"A few times of visiting Singapore gave me such a bright feeling. In the meantime, I found a great opportunity to work in this country as a Korean language teacher in Sejong Korean Language School. If you are really looking forward to a merry future, this is the only one for you. Enjoy this interesting country with teaching Korean!"

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